About HCMS N.V.


Helps candidates with career opportunities to contribute to the growth of companies with their future colleagues. Through our services we create a match between the employer and employee.

An employer can decide at any point in the process how they want to engage with us in recruiting new employees. Based on our experience and available data we can save you valuable time, energy and costs in the recruitment process.

We also offer the service whereby the customer decides to do the recruitment itself, we can then offer these employees an employment within our company and outplace them within your company (all administrative responsibilities are for HCMS N.V.)

We are confident that whatever your company may need related to recruitment and employment of your personnel, we can offer you a solution.


Providing innovative solutions in the field of flexible work and high-quality human resource services.


We want to be a professional organization that is the first choice of customers, by realizing our mission as follows:
1. Providing effective staffing, outplacement and recruitment services, human capital solutions that contribute to the success of our customers.
2. An efficient and result-oriented organization that continuously controls its processes and acts respectfully and transparently towards all stakeholders.
3. The ongoing development of human potential and based on this, create a work environment characterized by team spirit, personal integrity, open communication, responsiveness, and accountability.

We create, design and shape Human Capital solutions.