Chief Enabling Officer Bio

Chivaro Gajadien - A Bold Entrepreneur

Chivaro Gajadien, the CEO of K&K Heritage Group, oversees all aspects of his eight profitable enterprises in Suriname. Chivaro has a solid management and advisory track record, as well as over 25 years of expertise in the Human Resource business encouraging personal growth and specialization. He has understood the elements that can help firms succeed by observing various companies throughout the years. Chivaro was quite the matchmaker in school before his success; he discovered his affinity for connecting people at a young age and turned that passion into a business thanks to his entrepreneurial personality. He immediately dropped out of his civil engineering bachelor's program and entered the corporate world.

Building a large group of enterprises can take a lot of people's combined talents and help. Chivaro did not have a lot of support; he only had a few supporters, one of them being his father. People frequently inquire about his growth; there is no simple answer to this issue, but the most significant factor was his desire to connect with others while maintaining his vision.

His success is due to his capacity to understand people; he comprehends the needs of his clients and consumers. He understands the critical procedures and parts of his enterprises, and as a result, he operates one of Suriname's most successful employment agencies (Human Capital Management Solutions N.V.). HCMS N.V. has not only created exciting employment opportunities globally but also placed an immense amount of employment information at anyone’s fingertips on their platform Chivaro does not frequently accept credit for his many accomplishments and good actions for others, but you can read a summary of his leadership style as well as his thoughts on education and relationships below. We hope it helps you gain a better grasp of the workforce and inspires you to pursue creative ideas and transform them into profitable businesses in the near future.


According to Chivaro, motivated employees perform best. He is correct. Progress will be made if the team uses the procedures and tools provided by the company to their advantage. Many talented people's potential and ambitions have been crushed by a lack of resources. Instead of rushing out to purchase the latest tool or invest in the most expensive equipment, he suggests that employers take a step back and consider how they want their company to operate. When employees have effective tools, they learn more, and when they don't have the correct information, they waste their potential. Chivaro persuades employees into believing they can't lose; he cultivates in each employee a winning mindset. He deserves a lot of credit for turning negativity and worries into optimism and the determination to take the risk. His strategy is to provide projects to individuals and allow them to discover out their own strengths rather than telling them what their strengths are. He would then help you to enhance that specific element to express oneself better and open artistic and creative opportunities.