Foreign Experts: Our Expats service offers, the recruiting and selection, and/or payrolling process exclusively with foreign specialists. We arranges most or all of the facilitation for our expats work-related and if needed private, starting from arrangement to Suriname till the end of the employment period. Our client is totally focused on the operational tasks and we arrange for every other HR, Facility or personnel need.

Together with the expatriate we arrange travel documents, residence permits, and work permits. Transportation from the airport to accommodation will be arranged in advance.

During the first few days, a short introduction into the country are provided and advice is given for the first few weeks. A permanent residence or apartment and transport will be arranged, as well as guidelines for registering your driver's license.

Every month the salary is paid, taxes are withheld, and the necessary insurance is arranged.

If the expatriate goes on vacation in the meantime or goes away for good, we are also the facilitator to put together all the necessary documents, tickets, visas, transport, etc. For a smooth process. As for the above, we follow the procedure and processes that were put in place in coordination with our client and in accordance the Surinamese law.